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Chyron's HD/SD-switchable CG-in-a-briefcase with digital keyer and SVGA preview.  Optional Lyric® PRO.
  • HD/SD-switchable graphics system-in-a-briefcase
  • Optional 3D HD/SD DVE and Second Video Input upgrade
  • Ideal development platform for LEIF API
  • Portability enables offline graphics creation

Networks are placing more emphasis on remote broadcasting to offer live, up-to-the-minute coverage, to the point where thousands of remote broadcasts now occur around the world each year.  At the same time, broadcasters are continually looking for ways to enrich the viewing experience. To meet these demands, broadcasters have stepped up their efforts to offer as many dynamic and interactive experiences as possible.  These are just some of the main factors behind the development of Chyron’s SOLO, a mobile graphics and character generation solution that combines portable hardware and software with a familiar user interface.

Solo2 enables field producers to create content offline, prior to an event, then interface directly to the sports production vehicle with the portable system. The producer would not have to fly to an event early to create content, and last-minute changes would be simple to integrate into a program.  Compatible with Chyron’s CAL (Chyron Application Library) and LEIF (Lyric Effects Inter Face) as well as optionally running Lyric and Lyric PRO. Solo2 is ideally suited to all portable and temporary needs and where custom interfaces are needed.

Solo2 is configured in a rugged portable system with integrated desktop display for WYSIWYG operation. Operators can have the portable HD/SD switchable SDI system running in about five minutes after reaching location, connecting it directly to the on-site infrastructure with standard BNCs. The optional HD/SD switchable DVE provides high quality squeeze and 3D DVE capabilities; unprecedented in a portable package.  The system’s mobility makes it useful in applications where DVE, lower thirds, or other branding and CG applications need to be closer to the source of the video. Solo2 is a single-channel system with an integrated digital downstream keyer, SVGA preview, HD/SD video input feeding an integrated switcher allowing background or foreground functionality, optional second input and optional DVE. Software options include Lyric, Lyric PRO, which can be used to create CG graphics, lower thirds, flipbook or real-time animations, CAL and LIEF API’s.

While traditional CG systems are fully systemized offerings, Solo2 represents Chyron’s "user needs" approach. Solo2 provides a robust, portable, hardware system without compromising features or functionality. This adaptability enables truly scalable applications, all with maximum flexibility.

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