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DaletPlus 3.4.95499, system of control television news was installed on TVi channel. The system Dalet Plus News is a hardware-software system for managing television news, which includes the digitization, the news set, assembly, material issue in the ether, and metadata management.

DaletPlus News Suite empowers journalists with real time,desktop delivery of video, wires, feeds, stills, CGs, scripts and rundowns. Improved newsroom workflow reduces time to air. You have full control - from planning to broadcast, with playout control of video servers and tight integration with teleprompters and other devices. DaletPlus News Suite operates on a standard network with no proprietary hardware. Supports multiple formats and resolutions. DaletPlus News Suite is modular, scalable and adapts to any existing environment.

DaletPlus ActiveLog supports multiple ingest workflows and resolutions. Any authorized user can schedule recordings. Recordings can be continuous, scheduled days, weeks, and even months in advance or manually controlled for crash recordings. DaletPlus manages routers and VTRs, allocating them to available recording channels.

Feeds and events can be scheduled in advance and recorded automatically in multiple resolutions including MPEG-2, DV, DVCPRO and Windows Media.

Without altering the original feed, multiple users can simultaneously preview ingest channels and log and track clips while recording is in progress. For breaking news, crash recordings can be initiated by pressing a single button.

  DaletPlus breaks the bottlenecks with a video editing package that gives direct, immediate access to video, even while feeds are being ingested. All users can browse, cut, assemble video and record voiceovers on their desktops. Direct firewire VTR on capture allows quick review of field material – one click saving allows viewing for everyone from central storage. News producers create packages in less time, with more control and with greater ease.

Dalet Plus NewsWire is the most advanced, powerful and comprehensive newsroom system available. All the features your team expects - and much more. Designed to handle multiple studios, multiple rundowns and stations. Optimizes your workflow. A truly collaborative environment with unprecedented rundown control, including sub-rundowns, template options, specialized views, and last minute updating. Live links to storage units and controls for 3rd party devices (teleprompters, CGs, video servers) with MOS or XML interfaces. Redundant architecture guarantees reliable, 24/7 performance.


Producers have precise control over the broadcast making it an ideal solution for even the most demanding newsroom environments.

DaletPlus OnAir manages automated and A/B roll playout of video clips, text and graphics. Support for live events with router control, show tracking, and secondary device triggering. Last minute reordering of the playlist is bi-directional.


DaletPlus OnAir can be integrated with many 3rd party systems through a variety of industry-standard protocols including XML Bi-directional MOS (Media Object Server), ActiveX/OCX, RS422, GPI, XML, J2EE and VDCP or specific API control of a wide-range of video servers (Grass Valley, Leitch, Omneon, Pinnacle, Quantel, SeaChange, SGI).

Many systems in today’s newsrooms create and store news content in individual systems - valuable log and asset information is then lost. The resulting search and retrieval of video archives becomes highly inefficient, costing broadcasters both time and money. DaletPlus News Suite is the first asset management system designed specifically for archiving and fast retrieval of news content.

Customizable fields enable the cataloguing of news-specific content. Metadata is tracked hroughout the entire production process, from the assignment desk through feeds, scripts and rundowns. Integrated speech-to-text allows for superfast archiving of legacy material. Regardless of where media is stored – online, near online or offline - metadata remains online and searchable at all times.

DaletPlus enables collaborative news production and media sharing across multiple stations and remote locations. Broadcast assets can be viewed securely across a standard WAN connection. Browser based tools allow remote journalists to access and edit feeds, wires, media, rundowns and archived materials from any location. DaletPlus automatically provides low-res versions for quick browsing. Full resolution media can be downloaded if needed.

Installation was carried out for 3 weeks. The installation was attended by two representatives of the russian representation of Dalet and two representatives of Engineer Services company.

After the installation were conducted training for journalists and administrators, in detail were told how to use the system and administer it.

At TVІ was installed nine servers Hewlett-Packard (series ProLiant DL120, DL180, DL360, DL380), storage system, NetApp and more than 25 work places of journalists.

The system DaletPlus was integrated with the following systems:
1) The server broadcasts Omneon
2) The server overlay graphics WASP 3D
3) The Prompter TeleScriptPro
4) Final Cut
5) Management SnellGroup Kahuna switcher by GPI
6) Integration with XenData software to archive material on the tape library Overland NEOs in 2000



The database system has been installed on DaletPlus cluster of two servers for fault tolerance.

On all servers running Windows 2008 R2, and journalist’s workstations Windows 7 Pro.

Engineer-Service is the official representative of Dalet, XenData, Tape Libraries Overland.

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