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XenData the global provider of digital video archive solutions to the media and entertainment industry, today announced the launch of X2500-USB, an LTO-6 archive system that connects to notebooks and workstations via USB 3.0. The system includes an external LTO-6 drive and XenData6 Workstation management software, and is ideal for storing video, audio and image files on high capacity LTO cartridges.

The XenData6 Workstation software runs on 64 bit Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and for Mac users, the system is compatible with both Boot Camp and VM Fusion. The XenData6 Workstation software makes the system extremely easy to use, allowing all file archive and restore operations to be made via copy and paste or drag and drop. The system is also compatible with 2.5 TB LTO-6 and 1.5 TB LTO-5 cartridges and saves files to LTO using either LTFS or TAR industry standard formats. When formatting an individual LTO cartridge, the administrator needs only select either TAR or LTFS to define how files are written within that LTO cartridge.

The external LTO-6 drive is compact with a height of less than 2.4 inches and includes USB 3.0 technology from UNITEX Corporation that provides fast file transfers up to 140 MB/s for both writing to and reading from LTO.

The X2500-USB system verifies data written to LTO in real time using end-to-end logical block protection (LBP). The XenData6 Workstation software calculates and inserts a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) value at the end of each logical block of data to be written to LTO. This is compared in real time with the CRC value determined by the read-after-write head within the LTO-6 USB drive to ensure that files are written without corruption. The LBP technique, unlike MD5 checksum approaches, helps expedite archiving because it provides assured data integrity without the need to perform another read operation.

When restoring files, the system reads files from LTO in tape order. With a large number of small files, this greatly improves overall transfer times.

The system is also capable of managing an unlimited number of externalized LTO cartridges and helps keep track of all cartridge content inserted into the USB LTO drive, allowing users to easily browse and search the content accordingly. Restoring files is as simple as inserting the required cartridge in the LTO drive and then using Windows Explorer to drag and drop or copy and paste.

The system supports all file types - from MXF to Word documents. Applications for the X2500-USB include offloading files from camera storage such as P2 cards and XDCAM to LTO; secure storage of video, audio and image files on LTO; as well as scientific and engineering applications.

“With the launch of the X2500-USB, we can combine the convenience of USB connectivity with the integrity that comes with advanced logical block protection techniques,” said Phil Storey, XenData CEO. “In addition to leveraging advanced technology, we focused on ease of use by introducing the familiar drag and drop operations our customers are accustomed to across the rest of our product range.”

The X2500-USB will be shown for the first time in London at BVE 2015 on February 27 at stand P35. The X2500-USB is priced at $5,495, and product shipments start in March 2015.

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