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Cinegy introduced Cinegy Air PRO 12 broadcast automation and real-time, multi-channel video playout software for SD, HD and/or Ultra HD (4K) playout in a single, integrated suite further fortifying Cinegys claim of truly delivering Software Defined Television. Major customer-led improvements for Cinegy Air PRO 12 include a new cloud and VM-ready software licensing and deployment system; full support for the ultra-fast DANIEL2 GPU codec; the support of additional IP video standards adding SMPTE 2022-6 and NewTeks NDI; and most importantly adding HDR functionality.

"The demand for NDI support and HDR have been at the top of the customer wish list," said Cinegy Head of Product Management Lewis Kirkaldie. "With of course, the usual demands to do more with less. That's why Cinegy Air PRO 12 is now even more GPU and cloud optimized.  It increases the use of GPU offloading for video pipeline operations, which lightens the load on the CPU and maximizes the benefit of GPUs that are optimized for such video operations."

Major Improvements

Cinegy Playout

  • added support for NDI input / output device
  • added "Clean Engine Output" optional licensed feature for enabling clean video and audio output (PRO only)
  • added embedded audio passed through engine for Titler scenes
  • added 10-bit selectable pipeline with 10-bit HEVC output (for HDR scenarios)
  • implemented + video pipeline (significant CPU reduction when running)
  • added GPU offloading proxy rendering option (PRO only)
  • implemented RTP output pre-scaling (for web / streaming delivery formats)
  • added Linear Acoustics Loudness Control optional licensed feature
  • added support for multiple live input streams as source to Titler video plates
  • implemented all time values conversion to ISO 8601 UTC strings
  • added DANIEL2 low-latency feedback codec
  • implemented feedback preview disabling for very low CPU scenarios
  • added GPU selection (up to 4 cards supported) for accelerated H264 / HEVC live input decoding
  • added support for DANIEL2 MXF files as playback format
  • added support for DNxHR MXF files as playback format
  • added support for AJA and Deltcast SMPTE 2022-6/7 I/O devices
  • added support for ForA HVS-100TB2 I/O device
  • implemented configuration of playout engines to be held in XML file (permits easier automation of configuration)
  • added support for Desktop v11 CUDA-accelerated keyframed effects in real-time by engine (PRO only)
  • Cinegy Type engine now considered in legacy support (not available to new customers)
  • MPEG 2 quality issues and pulsing, particularly at lower-rate SD outputs, has been resolved.

Cinegy Air PRO and SOLO

  • implemented a notification inside Air Control application triggered whenever media files are deleted or updated
  • introduced a dedicated Cinegy Playlist Editor app (allowing Air Control and Playlist Editor to run simultaneously - PRO only)
  • added metadata change triggers for Cinegy Archive sequences added to playlist with an option to skip or apply changes (PRO only)
  • implemented ISO 8601 UTC-aware time and date strings usage for all stored times, preventing any ambiguity during seasonal time changes
  • added client-relative timezone or UTC offset selections for operators to view the playlist
  • implemented option to mark metadata fields from Cinegy Archive as read-only (PRO only)
  • implemented selection of channels an operator wish to control during current session once the Air Control application starts
  • implemented various visual improvements (more obvious highlighted tab / clearer outline when dropping items)
  • implemented red hashing texture for missing items on the channel timeline
  • implemented camera icon for live items display on the timeline
  • merged single channel and multi channel control modes in configuration into one
  • redesigned general configuration form
  • implemented writing of playlist to a secondary backup location in case primary active location has a failure
  • implemented automatic CG output (Type / Titler) events hiding when an item finishes (e.g. on manual leave from live items)
  • added timecode reading support for more MP4 / MOV files
  • improved Cinegy Capture secondary events control with enhanced templating

Cinegy Titler

  • added support for audio objects within scenes for pass-through to Playout
  • added support for file variables to contain the address of another file to load as a plate texture
  • added multiple live sources to be provided to Titler engine by Playout engine (e.g. 2 x close up shots scaled against plate)
  • added Key and Fill support to live inputs
  • added support for 10-bit rendering of CG (for use in HDR channels)

Cinegy Studio

  • implemented ISO 8601 UTC-aware time and date strings usage for all stored times, preventing any ambiguity during seasonal time changes

Cinegy CG

  • implemented Titler engine invoking with multiple configured live-input plates

Cinegy Event Manager

  • added support for ForA video router
  • implemented production environments support for Cavena Subtitling Event plugin

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