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FUJIFILM Europe with its Optical Devices Division used the IBC Show to introduce an all new long focal length HD field lens for the first time in Europe; the XA77x9.5BESM. The XA77x9.5BESM is perfectly suited for mobile vans, in stadiums, for sporting events and large arenas, where a HD tele-photo lens would be beneficial in capturing detail and close up images from far distances.

As standard the XA77x9.5BESM comes with several key features that ensure rock solid performance, such as the company’s patented OS TECH image stabilisation, which contains sensors that detect the slightest movement caused by vibration in order to correct the optical system, which helps to maintain a stable image when shooting from an unstable platform, or in windy conditions. The lens’ advanced diagnostic FIND (Focused Intelligent Network Diagnosis) System aids in preventative maintenance and troubleshooting by evaluating lens electronic and mechanical parameters.

The XA77x9.5 also incorporates FUJINON’s dustproof and anti-fogging technology. All FUJINON field lenses have a fixed front element that reduces dust contamination and serves as a protection for the front focus group. All this helps in maintaining long-term reliability and performance. The standard 16-bit optical encoding output provides high positioning accuracy in virtual environments. An advanced back focus system on the XA77x9.5 allows very close macro shootings. With the optional controller, the advanced back focus also provides enhanced production features. Of course, this HD field lens is compatible with all existing FUJINON EFP camera controllers and as standard, can also be fully remote controlled via RS-232. The Fujinon XA77x9.5BESMa stunning HD long tele-photo lens at an attractive price point.

Another all new Fujinon lens is the new PL mount light weight ZK4.7x19SAM, the newest member of the new PL PREMIER PL Mount Zoom Family. This lens will be introduced and shown in Europe for the first time. This PL 19-90mm features an exclusive detachable servo drive unit, making it suitable as a standard PL mount lens as well as an ENG-Style lens. The PL 19-90mm also features flange focal distance adjustment, macro function, and is LDS (Lens Data System) and /i metadata compatible. With a 19-90mm focal range and a weight of only 2.7kg (including the servo drive unit), this lens has the longest focal length range available in the light weight zoom lens class to date. The PL 19-90mm links film- and news-style shootings for increased flexibility.

Cinematographers will be impressed with the Fujionon PL 19-90mm lens, as industry standard cine motors and matte boxes are compatible and it also has all the lens data output that appeals to a Cine-style shooter. For recording of positions zoom, iris and focus position the LDS and /i metadata are compatible for computer animated applications. The digital servo comes with a 16-bit encoding; so that operators can be assured that all lens data output is extremely precise. The PL 19-90 image covers a full 31.5mm sensor size on a digital cinema style camera.

While sensors on standard broadcast cameras are all the same size, sensors on digital cine cameras vary greatly. This new zoom ensures the image captured will cover large sensors for optimal, full-frame resolution. A nine-blade iris is part of the design as well, creating the most natural-looking imagery possible. In addition barrel markings are luminous for visibility in dark shooting situations. Distances are listed a choice of feet or meters.

The PL 19-90 can be controlled using cinema industry standard wireless controllers, as well as existing FUJINON wired and wireless units. Whether you are from a film background or video, the new Premier PL 19-90 offers uncompromising quality and unprecedented flexibility.

A further enhancement of Fujinon’s impressive and top class PL mount zoom lens range, is an all new ZK3.5x85SAM tele-photo light weight zoom on display as a first show lens to give you already an impression of the outer design.

First working model of XA19x7.4BESM small box style lens

Already featured during the NAB 2012, Fujifilm brought the first working model of the all new XA19x7.4 BESM small box style lens to this year’s IBC show. Together with the smaller brother, the HA19x7.4BE barrel style lens, these are the first lenses in such a compact size to feature three floating zoom groups and Aspherics, which combine to produce unsurpassed optical performance. They also feature the latest EBC coating technolpgy, which result in richer colours and improved blue response and transmittance.

The XA19x7.4BESM mini-box lens offers automatic focus breathing compensation. This mechanism synchronizes the zoom movement with the focus movement, enabling the image size to remain constant when focusing - a must in episodic production.

These two high-end HD Broadcast lenses come as standard with 16-bit encoder and 2.2x extender to show visibly more picture details and have an extremely consistent resolution from centre to corner. These two new lenses featuring a number of Fujifilm’s innovative technologies, expand the product range with superb HD high-end broadcast tools. Weighing only 2.15kg (RD version 2.21kg) the ENG-style HA19x7.4BE lens is ideally suited to the rigors of high-end ENG/EFP HDTV production, including entertainment, news, sports, and documentaries. A new ergonomic grip reduces operator fatigue.

With a mere weight of 4kgs the XA19x7.4BESM box style lens is the first choice for live studio production, such as live news, sports and entertainment. Featuring RS-232 control and tally lights, it can also be used for virtual reality studio productions and robotic camera systems. Both the XA19x7.4BESM-D8 and HA19x7.4BERM/BERD lenses have advanced diagnostics to keep them working reliably, as well as a short “MOD” or minimum object distance of only 0.55mm, allowing shootings at closer distances. With the 2.2X extender as standard, both lenses give users zoom capabilities that reach the tele focal lengths comparable to that of FUJINON HA23X7.6 and the HA22x7.3 lenses. Their inherent advanced optics also compensate for aberrations throughout the entire zoom range, with dramatic reduction in geometric distortion at the wide end of the focal range for superior optical performance.

In addition, the best-seller HA42x9.7BERD-U is on display during the show, the barrel style long tele-photo lens ideal for sports and documentaries, the HA14x4.5BERD super wide angle lens and the well established HA23x7.6BERD ENG style tele-photo lens. To round up the products on display the Fujinon wireless control units (transmitter and receiver) for remote control have also be shown life on stage.

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