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Video Devices PIX-E5 Keeps Up In the Harsh Ecuadorian Rainforest

When Cinematographer Jose Sarmiento made the awe-inspiring journey into the humid Amazon jungle of Ecuador for a documentary on the indigenous Quechua people and their culture, he knew he was going to be up against some of the harshest conditions his equipment had ever been exposed to. With extreme heat and suffocating humidity, Sarmiento needed to pack only his most reliable and lightweight equipment. In order to capture dynamic 4K images, he turned to Video Devices PIX-E5 recording monitor.

Cable TV adds to Artemis setup

Cable TV Hong Kong installed a Calrec Audio Artemis digital audio console inside News Studio. The new 40-fader console is the fifth to be implemented at the cable television provider. A division of iCable Communications Ltd, Cable TV is Hong Kongs largest cable television network with more than 100 channels.

Broadcasters Step into the Future with Dalet Unified News Operations

Dalet Digital Media Systems says goodbye to the antiquated models of traditional Newsroom Computer System (NRCS), News Production System (NPS), and playout system and is offering broadcasters an agile foundation to step into the future of news production and delivery with its Unified News Operations (UNO) solution. UNO combines all the traditional functions of news production and distribution into a scalable, comprehensive, flexible and agile solution. Implemented by news organizations large and small across the globe, UNO enables broadcasters to rethink the way they work, deploy new collaboration models and build data-driven strategies, becoming more agile, more efficient and more effective to make the best of fast-changing audience viewing habits in a multi-platform world.

ATEME Kyrion powers Formula 1 for RTL Group

ATEME has announced today that Cologne Broadcasting Center Gmbh (CBC), the premier provider of high-quality video networking services and part of RTL Group, has chosen the Kyrion encoder and decoder for its contribution link to stream the Formula 1 Championship throughout Germany. The ATEME Kyrion encoder and decoder are the perfect match for sport, particularly racing, due to their ultra-low latency mode below 100ms.

Sony enters 4K Garden for IP LIve OB truck in China

4K Garden, a content services platform of Alibaba group in China, has signed an agreement with Sony China Professional Solutions Group (CPSG) to purchase an IP-4K outside broadcast truck. The full-IP 4K truck that Sony China is contracted to build will have eight 4K cameras and will be the most advanced of its kind in China. Thanks to Sonys core 4K/HDR/IP production equipment and solutions, the truck can also be upgraded to utilise up to 16 cameras in the future. Kit includes HDC-4300 cameras, XVS-7000 switcher, PWS-4400 multi-port storage and LIve System Manager Software.

NewTek AutoLink for Panasonic PTZ automatically detects Panasonic IP cameras for TriCaster and NewTek IP Series Workflows

Panasonic announced today the NewTek AutoLink for Panasonic PTZ, a software application allowing users to connect IP-ready Panasonic professional video cameras to a network and detect their presence automatically from NewTek TriCaster and the IP Series Video Mix Engine. With NewTek AutoLink for Panasonic PTZ, Panasonic IP cameras detected on a network become immediately available for use in NDI-based video production workflows without any additional configuration.

Pro TV Romania swaps out Sigma for Artemis Beam console

Pro TV has upgraded its extensive Calrec installation with a brand new Artemis Beam audio console. Pro TV is one of Romanias most popular private TV channels, reaching around 99 percent of the countrys viewing population with a broad array of news and entertainment programming. The broadcasters Pro TV News not only received an International Emmy Award in 2008, but also is considered to be one of the most popular newscasts in Romania.

Pixel Power demonstrates advanced playout automation capabilities at NAB New York

Pixel Power, the innovative supplier of broadcast graphics, playout and automation solutions, is focusing on practical applications of its graphics and automation technology at NAB New York, Javits Center. The new approach which Pixel Power delivers is currently being implemented at leading broadcasters worldwide, including major US sports channels. The automation products will be demonstrated alongside the well proven graphics and branding systems.

Metro TV adds Dalet to News

Jakarta-based, 24/7 news broadcaster Metro TV has upgraded its news operations to the Dalet Galaxy platform. In addition, the new workflow includes one-click social media publishing; access to business intelligence reporting metrics, which measure both the performance of the facility and crews. It also includes measurement of the actual media consumption by the target audience across traditional and non-traditional channels such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube; and the latest version of the Dalet Newsroom Computer System (NRCS), which features some of the industrys most advanced capabilities.

Panasonic 4K POVCAM coming in 2017

Panasonic is developing the professional AG-UMR20 HD/4K Memory Card Portable Recorder and optional AG-UCK20 Compact Camera Head. Panasonic has offered the AG-HMR10A HD Portable Recorder since 2009 to meet a wide range of professional needs in image production, education, government, and corporate applications. The AG-UMR20, which is being developed as a successor model, links with IP networks and combines with optional AG-UCK20 Compact Camera Head to form a 4K image production system in addition to high resolution HD images. Both are scheduled to go on sale in the Spring of 2017.

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